• creative approach to detailing
  • exquisite processes
  • complete understanding
  • clear ideas of results 

You can define WHEELER CLEANER in myriad ways, but for us, it's the feeling of SATISFACTION you get from the quiet contemplation of Professional Detailing and intriguing results. When you've put in the blood, sweat, and tears to get to what you DRIVE, you deserve the DETAILING that accompanies YOUR RIDE.


We cater to the movers and shakers of the world, getting them an EXPERIENCE that's deserving of their consideration and their time. We know we have what it takes to help you TRANSFORM YOUR RIDE - all day, every day.

who we are

Real DETAILING Company

At WheelerCleaner, our PROFESSIONAL DETAILERS are more than just that - they're cohorts and comrades of world-leading Practices. When you surround yourself with the best, you get results of unparallel level. If you're looking for an incredible detailing experience.. look NO further!

Experience a workforce of incredibly talented, dedicated, industrious, and creative people. 


What we bring