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Our Services


Safe foam wash

Entire car body wash by using PH Neutral Shampoo vacuuming carpets and seats, tyre cleaning, dashboard cleaning, alloy cleaning, door line wiping, drying glass cleaning.


Windshield Nano invisible wipes

We look after glass cleaning, glass wipe down with anti glare, glass polish, windshield nano coating to prevent from water replacement and anti glare.


Interior detailing

Complete Interior Care, Safe & Advanced methods get Interior cleaned and Anti-Bacterial Treatment for the Best Price


Nano shine pack

Get Quick Shine & be ready to Sparkle Quick detail at affordable cost 
Starts from 1999/- only.


Head light restoration

We will restore your discolored, dull, and oxidized headlight lenses to like new condition for a fraction of the cost of replacing your headlight assemblies


Exterior Treatment

Getting a car wash will not restore the damage caused by oxidation. Choose from a wide range of treatment customized to fit your budget.


Upholstery disinfection

Our experts offer result oriented Upholstery Disinfection service  to make it look like a new one. We conduct detailed service to completely recondition your vehicle.


Ceramic coat

Rejuvenates paint, paint protection, excellent high gloss effect, shiny mirror finish,super hydrophobic - water repellent, anti fading. Durability upto 2 to 5 Years


Wc 9H coat

Patented formula, rejuvenates paint, high gloss effect, gloss stays longer than any wax.
Durability upto 10 months


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